Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Update: Ready?

Yesterday was a good day.

When I arrived, the room looked like this:


My priority was the classroom library. I wanted every book in a bin, or out of the room. I had new books to be added. For the last few years I've had some overflow books left behind by a colleague; they either needed to be in use or be gone.

At the end of the day, the library looked like this:

Series and authors.

I still have some work to do, and books to bring from home, but the bulk of it is done. Many books were borrowed over the summer, and some will need to be replaced. There are four big bins of random books on the counter; I'm going to have students go though them next week to decide if they stay or go.

I also continued to adjust the front of the room.

Skiing poster purchased in 7th grade in Bend, Oregon.
View from one door.

The big addition yesterday was the blue typing table. My mom bought it years ago and painted it; I actually used it at home the last two years to cover composition books while watching TV. I needed something that I could use when I write in front of my students, but I didn't want a desk or podium up front permanently. The cart is on wheels, so it can move next to the IWB cables when I need it.

Vintage typing table. New book truck.

That's most of it for now. I have a full day of meetings today, so it was worth staying late the last two nights to get this space cleared. All I have left is my filing cabinet and my supplies. And, you know, what we're going to learn this year.

Finally, the good stuff.

View from west door.
View from east door.


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