Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classroom Update, Again

My classroom is a disaster.

It started so well. I came in last week, worked two days, and made good progress. I picked up some things that I needed (commercial size hooks for the closet organizer), I spray painted some drawers, I brought in more things from home. Yesterday the rest of my classroom library was brought over, and so a space that had looked clear earlier in the week. . . looked like it had been ransacked. (No, really, it did. A friend who saw my room last week approached me and said, "Your room, I just don't understand, it was so. . . and now it's. . .")


This is, I think, what happens. We order supplies. We count chairs. We hang posters. And every day something falls down, or gets lost, or is in the wrong spot, and so we adjust and start again.

After a meeting yesterday I asked two teacher friends to help me adjust some furniture for both fire regulations and aesthetics. We cleared space in front of a window. We moved a bookshelf. We put something in front of a map, and then moved it back. Someone suggested we move a shelf to a whole new location, and two of us wanted it to stay where it was. And all three of us knew that nothing could be finalized until there were actual students in the room, and even then things would keep changing. My classroom never looks the same on the last day as it does on the first.

Today I need to sort the classroom library and get all the tables cleared off again. I need to hang one more poster. I need to find my label maker, and I need to make a lot of labels. I need to number things. I need to order novels.

I need to clean up this mess.

Wednesday morning.