Monday, July 15, 2013

Books to Preorder

I have been very fortunate recently to read many galleys of upcoming YA and MG releases. Here are a few that you should preorder from your local indie:

More than anything, Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan made me think of Tony Kushner's masterpiece Angels in America. Against the backdrop of two former boyfriends trying to set the world record for longest kiss, Levithan tells many stories of gay youth today, all watched over by a Greek chorus of the generation of gay men that died of AIDS. Powerful, powerful reading.
Order this for: Readers who want to know how much the world has changed in a generation.
Available: August 27, 2013

DJ Schwenk is one of my favorite all-time characters, and I'm thrilled that Catherine Gilbert Murdock is returning to her world with this middle grade novel, Heaven is Paved with Oreos. This time, the story is narrated by Sarah Zorn, Curtis Schwenk's "girlfriend" and science fair partner. I very much hope this is only the first of many books about Sarah and Curtis.
Order this book for: Smart girls who care about more than just boys.
Available: September 3, 2013

Surprised that Holly Black hadn't written a vampire book yet? I was. Check out this awesome trailer for more details.
Order this for: Readers who can't get enough of vampires.
Available: September 3, 2013

When the paintings at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris come to life, Julien must find a way to save them and the girl that walled out of one of them and into his arms.
Order this book for: Your artists.
Available: September 3, 2013

Living with Jackie Chan is a companion to Jo Knowles' terrific novel, Jumping Off Swings. Josh is still reeling from the events of Jumping Off Swings, and he has exiled himself from his friends and family, choosing to spend his senior year of high school with his Jackie-Chan-loving uncle, Larry.
Order this for: Students preparing to start or leave high school.
Available: September 10, 2013

A.S. King is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. This is a book people will be talking about this fall.
Order this for: Teens who feel misunderstood. So, basically, all of them.
Available: October 22, 2013

Finishing school for lady assassins. Enough said. (This is the second book in the series.)
Order this for: Readers who like their werewolves and vampires with a steampunk flair.
Available: November 5, 2013

Matt de la Peña is a favorite, and what I loved most about The Living is that he remains true to his roots as a storyteller even as he takes this novel in an entirely new direction. His main character, Shy, will happily remind readers of some of his earlier leads, but the stakes are much higher in this action-packed story.
Order this for: Readers who love a realistic look at what an apocalypse might look like.
Available: November 12, 2013

Space travel. A mysterious planet. A forbidden romance. Dual narrators. Survival against impossible odds. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner has all of these things.
Order this for: Students who like books set in space, especially boys who can get past the cover. The hero is a soldier/war hero.
Available: December 10, 2013

Roomies took me right back to that summer before college, waiting to meet my roommate for the first time. Two girls, strangers, exchange emails over the course of one eventful summer.
Order this for: Students going away to school.
Available: December 24, 2013


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